About Us


David Blais, B.Sc. NSCA-CPT, TSCC-GOLD 



As Founder and Director of The Institute of Sport Performance and Wellness, David Blais has aspired to bring a world class athletic training facility to athletes of all ages and abilities. Coach Blais over the past decade has developed a strong passion towards creating a training system that not only increases performance but builds stronger characters in life. His true passion has been becoming a mentor to the athletes and people he has come across on his journey in sport performance and wellness.  Unique opportunities have allowed him to work with many Professional, Collegiate and National level athletes and has helped them improve there performance.


As Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach at Twist Sport Conditioning, he has had the opportunity to become a certified Master trainer in Vipr and Trigger Point Performance Therapy and an International Presenter for Twist Sport Conditioning.


Countless hours working with weekend warriors has also helped him learn to bring athletes back from injury and allow others to find their inner warrior. In the end its about the youth of tomorrow where coach Blais looks to inspire youngsters to dream big and grow into positive role models for their peers and siblings.