Our Vision

The Institute of Sport Performance (ISPW) is an experienced team of sport performance coaches that are leaders in building stronger characters in a vibrant training environment.  We use athletic training and sport as a teaching platform to motivate the athletic spirit to take on challenges that are unique and uplifting to you.


Our moto is EMBRACE your PASSION!


At The Institute of Sport Performance and Wellness we strive to provide exceptional sports performance training in a positive, safe and professional environment.


ISPW Training Methods


Our training is based on a systematic approach of teaching how to develop efficient movement patterns in multiple disciplines.  The more athletic we are, the more fluid and successful we will be in sport and life's challenges.  Our training style focuses on quality of movements in areas of strength, power and agility, which develops an athlete's neurological awareness of their own body.  With this awareness, athletes will be taught how to use force to accelerate and produce power for more agile and explosive movements.  Within each session, the goal is to improve physical performance in movement and periodize our programs to help suit the demands of sport and individual athletes.  Within our system we also work with our athletes on how to develp the essential skills for long term success such as: Discipline, Dedication and Commitment.





















David Blais

Owner and Director


    Taylor Bazinet

    Sports Performance Coach


      Brittany Crago
      Sports Performance Coach