Our private training facilities are designed to create a learning environment that helps athletes and clients move more efficiently for sport performance or re-establishing a healthier lifestyle. All of our programs are based on developing competency of movement patterns to grow toward building strength within these patterns and conditioning the body to produce a more demanding and efficient output for performance and health.

Our program's success is built on a long term development plan that encourages building a lifestyle that matches your goals.


       The Institute of Sport Performance and Wellness offers training programs for athletes of all ages, levels and abilities to help achieve athletic and fitness goals. Our core programs are designed for youth, high school, and elite athletes, as well as adults and teams. Our programming delivers personalize attention in a group setting. 



Youth Fundamental Conditioning (8-12yrs)


This is where we establish skills such as speed, agility and quickness to help you get a step on your competition. Building a solid foundation for young aspiring athletes is important for long term success. Taking the time to build a solid frame work within the nervous system is where our young athletes begin the process of learning how their body can move. Core stability, Coordination and basic strength concepts are used to help expose our youth to the road to becoming an athlete. Each session is 60min and is led by a performance coach to ensure a safe, motivating and progressive environment of each individual.


Varsity Strength & Conditioning (13-15yrs old)


Our strength and conditioning program is for athletes that have went through the basic development stages and have shown competency in basic movement patterns.  The athlete now will begin a progressive approach to overloading their body and nervous system to build overall strength that is essential in producing power and quickness in sport. Athletes will be led by performance coach through a 60min session that is focused on strength and power production.


*****Spring and summer programs offer a D1 program for athletes returning from College and University


Baseball, Basketball, Football, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Golf, Hockey,

Running, Swimming, Soccer, Ski/Snowboarding and Tennis 




Team and small group training programs are designed to challenge the athletes off their playing field and educate them on out of sport recommendations to help them excel in their athletic abilities.  This environment is also a great time to work on team building.


Our 60min Team training sessions can be offered at our facility or off-site. Athletes will be put through a series of drills to expose them to skills such as first step quickness, speed and agility drills to help up their game. Athletes will also learn how to work on power and strength with Medicine balls, resistance bands and much more. All this in a team setting to help individuals grow and build camaraderie amongst their peers.


Our High Performance program is for athletes that are looking for a specialized strength and conditioning program to maximize their performance. 


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We strive to help individuals bring out their physical abilities and embrace a lifestyle of strength, passion and purpose.  This program reaches out to beginners, weekend warriors and anyone in betweeen, who are looking to find their best. This is more than a training experience of strength and endurance, it's about learning how to move better and to reach for what drives you physically and beyond.


Each class is led by a qualified Sport Performance Coach to ensure quality skills execution, safety and fun.  Athletes will be taught a variety of skills that will enhance their movement mechanics to build a physically confident body as well as their daily life challenges.


Adult Fundamental Conditioning

A class designed to build on all essential physical skills to improve your quality of life and performance. This training program integrates Mobility and Stability, Full Body Strength and Power, Core Strength, Energy Systems Development. Beginners and advanced athletes will enjoy the true experience and energy of The Institute in this class!!!  Once the athlete is ready advanced lifting skills using Olympic bars, kettlebells and ViPRs will be used.  A progressive training session to help you work on building blocks to master more complex movements in a safe guided environment.


Adult Strength and Performance


Adult Lunch Fit

This is a 45 - minute high intensity class incorporating strength, power, conditioning and mobility just like our other classes.  Maximize your efforts and get the most out of your time with this energy filled focused class.



Adult Premium Program  

Weekend Warriors to Combat Fire Competitors, this program is for you!  We accommodate athletes that have specific performance goals and need flexibility in workout times to accommodate their work schedules. This program is only offered during the day.


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